March 1969

Mar 14 - Two days after Major Bob James took command, Flanders Field was attacked with an unknown number of mortar rounds.  All but two unit aircraft and all of the building received damage.  Photos here

April 1969

Sidekick Gunships played a vital part in the defense of a Special Forces camp near Gia Nhia on April 21st.  Air support was requested after the SF Advisors and ARVN Rangers had nearly succumbed to an intense enemy mortar and ground attack.  Sidekicks arrived from Bao Loc witin minutes after receiving the request and were able to suppress the enemy fire.  A later sweep of the area reveled the bodies of 5 NVA Regulars and evidence of another 5 casualties.

The Stallions provided support to the 30th ROK Regiment.

May 1969

May 12 - 0222 hours, Flanders Heliport was hit with approxiamtely 47 - 82mm mortar rounds, which impacted in the 92nd supply yard.  Motor Pool, supply annex, supply room, 4 EM barracks, two 3/4 ton trucks, 1 5-ton truck and 1 crane suffered light damage from scrapnel.  Five cans of peraprime, seven sections of 6" pipe, and one pallet of 2" X 4" lumbar were destroyed.  All field phones were rendered inoperative due to wires being severed.  There were six minor casualties; two persons suffered minor abrasions during the attack and one person injured his hand on the barracks door.  Alert terminated at 0335.  Shadow aircraft was requested and arrived on station at 0255.     

July 1969

Sidekicks recorded 38 confirmed kills, 13 suspected kills, and half a dozen structures destroyed.  Aircraft availability remained above 70% and the Stallions provided more support in the Ban Me Thuot area due to enemy build up.

September 1969

The unit's forward element at Bao Loc tactical site closed and returned to DBT.  On the 24th, Flander's Heliport was once again hit by mortars with several aircraft substaining damage.  The Stallions and Sidekicks continued support in the Bu Prang - Gia Nghia - Duc Lap triangle.

November 1969

Unit aircraft joined in an extended search for a 192nd AHC aircraft which went down near Duc My Pass.  After 5 days the search was ended with no trace of the ship or crew.  A FOB was established at BMT with 6 Stallions and 2 Sidekicks to support units in the Bu Prang and Duc Lap area.
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