92nd AHC Unit History 1970
January 1970

The FOB Detachment at Ban Me Thuot returned back to Dong Ba Thin.  The unit provided support to the 23rd ARVN Div, Deputy Senior Advisor for Military Region 2, 5th Special Forces Group, 29th & 30th Regiments of thwe White Horse ROK Inf Div, 18th Engineer Bde, 4th Infantry Division, and Cam Rahn Bay Support Group.

February 1970

Priority of missions went to the 23rd ARVN Div.  Because of frequent changes to the 23rd's AO, the unit provided aircraft for large troop moves.  The Sidekicks recorded 50 confirmed KBA's, 25 suspected KBA's and 1 structure destroyed.

March 1970

On March 1st along with the 48th AHC, 281st AHC, and 243rd ASHC, the unit conducted a White Horse Division operation into 32 LZ's approximately 50 kilometers west of DBT.  5,875 troops and 75 CH-47 loads were inserted.  In retaliation, Flander's Heliport was mortared on March 7th resulting in 1 aircraft destroyed (Stallion 68-16509)(Photos) and 1 aircraft damaged.

April 1970

Support was continued throughout Military Region 2.

May 1970

Support was continued throughout Military Region 2.  On May 3,4,5,6 we supported the 4th Infantry Divison, 3/506 Infantry Battalion from the 101st Airborne Division, and Special Forces into Cambodia and Laos. We were under operational control of the 52nd CAB located at Pleiku.  On one of the missions on May 6, 1970 four Stallion slicks comprised the second flight to land in a "hot" LZ..  Upon short approach, the VC opened up on the flight.  That's when Stallion 68-15412, a pilot (WO1 Mitton) and Crewchief (SP4 Kriegel) who died 1 week later were lost.  We were also under fire while in Pleiku. 

June 1970

June 12th brought another mortar attack to Flander's Heliport.  Neglible damage was a result.  A Sidekick light-fireteam was tasked to remain at Bao Loc for an indefinite period.  Support continued throughout Military Region 2.

July 1970

Support continued troughout Militry Region 2.  On July 9th, a 107mm rocket attack caused damage to the operations building with negative casualties.

August 1970

Large scale operations decreased, but the unit continued to have many long days of flying in support of the units in Military Region 2.  On August 9, WO1 Shawn Cannon was killed when Sidekick 201 crashed at Bao Loc.

September - November 1970

Support continued throughout Military Region 2.

December 1970

The 92nd was designated to train VNAF pilots.  The Vietnamese pilots were to be part of the company during the training period.  The program became an overwhelming success.