These photos were provided by Robert (Bob) James.  Bob served as Stallion 6 from Mar 69 to Oct 69.
Change of Command Ceremony - March 12, 1969
Company Formation
Col Mahone Cdr 17th Avn Gp, LTC Burress Cdr 10th CAB, Maj James new CO, Maj Ivey old CO
Sitting - LTC Lee Cdr 2/30 ROK, LTC Brown Cdr B-51 SF, LTC Jeter XO 10th CAB, Maj McKinsay XO B-51 SF
Brass:  LTC Burress, COL Mahone, MAJ James, MAJ Ivey
LTC Lee, MAJ James, CPT Lee  ROK troops guarded our perimeter
LTC Lee & MAJ James
Various shots of personnel & equipment
MAJ Ivey with DBT Donutdolly
Sidekicks - PVT Macias, WO1 Green, CWO Asdel, PFC Arbeit
Same crew with MAJ James
WO1 Green, CPT Fred Shipp (AMO), CWO ?
Some of the same guys
From CWO to 2LT - Mike Young Jul 69
Stallion approaching Flanders Field
Red Smoke marks a Stallion!
Two days after change of command - March 14, 1969 - Enemy mortar attack damages all but 2 unit aircraft!
Mortar craters
Shrapnel damage to aircraft & building
Don't break that antennae!