These photos were provided by Brian Mahoney, an original Sidekick Gunner 67/68
                                           Crew Chief/cc     Gunner/g
Dick Branscom's Armament Room - DBT
Living up to our heritage - Brian Mahoney/g(l) & ?? Milliken(r)
What a Crew! - l to r - Tom Horne/g, Steve Sawicki/g, Monte Clark/cc, Tom Tucker/cc, Jose Zuniga/g, BM/g
Stallion DG Bob Kendrick (l) and Stallion Pilot "Murph the Surf"(r) hold a shot-down non-combatant
I'm OK Mom, Really!  l to r, Carl Peters/cc, Jose Zuniga/g, Brian Mahoney/g, Cral Stewart/g, Dave Sawicki/g
Carl Practicing Gun Control - l to r, Steve Sawicki/g, Brian Mahoney/g, Carl Peters/cc
A Case of Mistaken Identity - l to r, Sawicki/g, Tom Horne/g, ?? Savage, Mahoney/g, Tucker/cc, Zuniga/g
Did you ever wonder what happened to Bunky T. Gunn? 

Bunky was an 'original" member of the unit.  He joined the Sidekicks downrange at Ft. Carson, CO and traveled aboard ship to Dong Ba Thin.  Click here to see a copy of the unit letter requesting autorization for Bunky to travel with the unit.  Bunky also spent time at Bao Loc.  Upon completion of a full tour of duty, he went home to reside with Sidekick Crewchief John "Ski" Zaletskis in Detroit, MI.

Ski's house in Motown/69, l to r, Zaleski/cc, Branscom/Armt spec, Mahoney/g
John "Ski" Zaletskis
Jim Tipton was the "original" Sidekick Platoon Sergeant from Nov 67 until May 68.   Here are a few of his favorite photos.
A full load!  Joe Bagget holding Bunky Gunn, (l)?, (c)Harms, (r)Broderick
Sidekick EM Crewmembers: Stewart, Zuniga, Tucker, Peters, Branscom
SSG Tipton & MAJ Bunky T. Gunn
Admiring the Stallion on a Sidekick tailboom
Setting the standard for Sidekick doorgunners