Photos from Mike Ytsen - Sidekick 046 Door Gunner - July 1968 - August 1969
Sidekick 114 - Rollover at Dalat - March 23, 1969
Debis from Sidekick 114
Sidekick Doorgunner - Cable or Grable? 1969
Sidekick Crew Chief - Jim Kidd
Joe Crawford with Budweiser Can
Eddie Arbeit with Budweiser Can
Tom Meskiman in Sidekick 046?
Helicopters and trees don't mix
Mike Ytsen - Sidekick 046 Door Gunner
Crew Chief  Mike Brown sunning himself on Sidekick 115
Sidekick 046 Crew Chief Tom Meskiman
Crew Chief Jim Koroda working on the gizmo.
Sidekick preparing for gun run
Beginning break to go hot!
Ready to roll out hot!
Early morning lake fog on way to Dalat
Meskiman picking his teeth, Arbeit back to camera, SSgt Shannon in chair, Mike Brown next to Shannon
Joe Crawford
Mike Ytsen
from right Herman "Rap" Brown, seated next to him unk. standing Toten, company armorer,  and seated in lawnchair Jim Moore
These are from a gun platoon barbecue late in 68. Steaks were requestioned from a 173rd Airborne mess tent. I bet they were pissed.