PHOTO                        REFLECTIONS                          1970
1st Platoon departing Dong Ba Thin for Nha Trang
Stallion 394 on it's side, 4 miles east of Phan Rang
Reenlistment office after rocket attack 8/7/70
Chinook w/105 at Ban Me Thuot
Stallion 267, 10 miles south of Phan Rang
Di Linh to Bao Loc - Waterfall
Stallion 062 with newly painted deck
Worhless Money from 1970
Military Pay Certificates (MPC) - 1970
Caribou and C-130 at Nha Trang
Nouc Mam Capital of the World - Phan Thiet
Stallion Patch -1970
Air Pollution dropped near Lieng Torang
Photos by Mike Powell - Stallion Crewchief - Jun70 - May71
Photos by Donnie Purvis - Doorgunner/Crewchief - Jul69 - Mar71
1st Airlift Platoon Crew Chiefs and Gunners
1st Platoon Flight Crew
A dirt revetment can be a hard place to park!
Whatchoo lookin' at?
Writing home
A relaxed Crew Chief
Is this a pay officer or a Caribou watcher?
From all the boys. Peace be with you.
CW2 Hendrickson w/mean friend at orphanage
The Aussies land hard in POL
Broken Sidekick just outside Bao Loc MAVC compound
Christmas Day 1970 - lft to rt - PF, Mack, Bell, PF, Vinh
1st Plt Members - (l) unknown (r) Mark Bushlow
A Family Plot - Phu Yen Province
Unknown Island Village
North of Tuy Hoa
The great beaches of Tuy Hoa
"Lunch break" in Phu Yen Province
Photos by Mike Campbell - Stallion Pilot - Apr70 - Apr71
Home Sweet Home - Dong Ba Thin
Ramp at Dong Ba Thin
Home safe in revetment
Maintenance Hangar - Dong Ba Thin
New Mess Hall - DBT
One of our "lovely' hoothmaids with ?
Awards Ceremony after Cambodia
Staging area for combat assault
Troops, ready to load
Enroute to LZ
LZ in sight
Mike Campbell at staging area
Chalk 1 on short final to LZ
Returning home to DBT
Train along Hwy 1
A good day for fishing
155th AHC Mascot at Ban Me Thuot
Mr. Decker and  VC peacock
Swanson & Decker?
Unknown soldier
Mr. Decker w/crew chief in Dalat
Cpt C?
Mr. Shannon?
Sidekick - Mr. Reeder
Heading home from Dalat
Heading south from Nha Trang
On the way to Nha Trang from DBT?
Shrine at weed level
Old-fashioned rice paddy
Rubber Plantation in 155th AHC AO
Bee Hive - heading 090 outbound
Must be a typical night at the "Sands" O-Club!
Unknown WO (in sand), CWO Kenny Bunn (r)
Photos by Mike Lawry - Stallion Pilot - Jan70 - Dec70
Beach at Phan Rang
Temple in Phan Rang Valley NE of AF base
Unused satchel charge
A bad night!
A bad day!
Another bad night Mar 6, 70
That same night
My best photo
My home.  Me all the way on the left
Basketball anyone?
He will recognize himself when he sees it!
Oh NO!  A direct hit on the Mess Hall!
The morning after
The morning after again
My best friend Able, whom I can't find
Rollin' on the Reeeeiver
Navy Beach- Lawry, Rhodes, Mitton
Navy Beach - Wilson, Rhodes, Mitton
Mitton & Wilson
We shouldn't be flying in this!
Ah! Home base
Yeah! We got some sometime
Fire base NW of Tuy Hoa
I brought Mr. Peters home, the Chinook brought his A/C
Donut dollies on their way to Bao Loc
Swanson & Missy Yen
Pilots outside my room
Lawry, Wilson, 2 others
Let's eat!
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