More photos from Mike Lawry - 1970
Mike Lawry & .....
PSP Strip west of Nha Trang
Lawry, Swanson, & .....
Purple Heart Day, check 6 holes in following pics
After the ashtray, I was next!
Up small window and across top, 6 holes
It was a pretty country
Fishing in Dalat
Home base, Dong Ba Thin, looking from west to east
Here is a batch from Steve "Olie" Olson - Stallion Pilot 4/69 - 4/70
Lake Pad at Dalat
T/O at Dalat
Hilltop NE of Phan Thiet
Same hilltop
Looking down from that hilltop
I want to say Nha Trang, but....
Now, how did we do that?
Can't make them out.  Can you?
Where are we? Who are we?
HOT Combat Assault!   2/4/70
Base Ops - Hit by Recoilless Rifle
Unknown Location Prior to Combat Assault
Another View
Perimeter Tower Built by WO's
Air Strike Smoke. VC killed from one of out towers.
Mike Lawry in Sidney
Dalat Market
another fine mess you've gotten me in
can't remember
Cpt Reeder
Cpt Reeder again
boys having fun
Swanson, Mitton
Swanson on top
What a guy, may he rest in peace
Pick yourself out
are you there?
That would be the man from Iowa
Lt Edburg
why can't I remember Cpt?
that would be Edburg again
ever read this?
company IP, crazy man
Swanson and ?
Mike on top of the world at lake pad
Dalat market from motel
072 after its death
A closer look at 072 - NW of Ahn Khe
Reeder again
Mike Lawry
Mike Hankey "Spot"
A couple from Kenny Bunn - Stallion Pilot - 5/70 - 5/71
Crew Chief Paul Espinosa (l), WO1 Kenny Bunn (r) with Stallion 359
WO1 Kenny Bunn in hootch.  Notice the "steel" Pepsi Can
Ray Fletcher served as a Stallion Doorgunner from Aug 69 - Oct 70.
This road marker was just outside Dong Ba Thin on Hwy 1.  It was only in place for a few days.
Here's Ray taking a picture of it.
Ray in the ammo bunker
Ray just lounging around.
Don Duong Reservoir - ESE of Dalt
Another view of Don Duong Reservoir
D'ran Dam