The following pictures were the property of CW2 Jim Ozbun.  He came to the unit as a replacement pilot in January 1968 with the infamous "dirty dozen".  He and 11 other new pilots were the first replacements for the unit.  Jim was my roommate from his arrival until I was transferred in late August 1968.  He was a very friendly guy and we shared many good times together.  Jim was killed in action on December 24, 1968. These pictures came as a result of e-mail contact with Jim's brother.  Ed Ozbun found my web site and sent an e-mail asking about his brother.  We established contact and he has been kind enough to share some of the photos that were returned to Jim's family.  I sincerely thank him for sharing these with us!
Jim in the Co-pilot's Seat
Stallion parked in the corral
Jim relaxing at Bao Loc
A motley bunch of pilots!
A few of the guys
Home Sweet Home at Dong Ba Thin
Hootch maids getting a good laugh
Flying the AC's side
Surprising the hootch maid.
         CW2 JAMES D. OZBUN - KIA December 24, 1968
Jim relaxing at Dong Ba Thin
Cam Rahn Bay north to Nha Trang
Hwy #1 north to Nha Trang from Dong Ba Thin
South towards Cam Rahn Bay?
Waiting to refuel at Flanders Field, DBT
Stallion at Rest, DBT
Hover lane at Flanders Field, DBT
Stallion landing at Flanders Field, DBT
Crew Chief hard at work
Low-level up Hwy #1 to Nha Trang
Jim leaving our hootch on his way to work
               UPDATED FEBRUARY 22, 2005
These photos were provided by CW2 Bill Robie.
Stallion 460 on a better day.
The remains of 460 lie just beyond the pond
All that remains of 460 is the tailboom.
Picture of the crash site taken in 1996.