The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen were the unfortunate bunch of new guys that arrived at the 92nd AHC on January 14, 1968.  Unfortunate because they arrived approximately one month after the Company had become  combat operational. 

They were the junior, little flight time, permanent right-seat "Peter Pilots" for the first half of their tour.  It was a long time before they "earned" the covetted title of Aircraft Commander.

But they did have spirit,  as you can see from their self adorning badge.

So who were these people and what did they do to deserve the fate of permanent Cherries?

Tony Catalono
Bill Cecchin
Brian Cummings
Gregory Hornsby
Robert Knight
Patrick O'Neill
James Ozbun (KIA)
Mike Palmer
Ardith (Don) Parks
John Pasquarello (DAT)
Willie Pate
Frank E. Rick

Tony Catalono
Bill Cecchin
Pat O'Neill
Mike Palmer