Primary Helicopter Flight Training
                          Class 67-11, Ft. Wolters, TX
                                    Nov66 - Apr67
  "A" Company
    1st WOC
    Red Hats
TAC Officer CW3 Gary P. (Mother) Martin's parking space w/commode
Main Heliport with OH-             23D Ravens
WOC Koch readies for               solo flight.
Cruising along the
Texas landscape
Wide-opened expanse
Make sure to cross-              check those                    instruments!
Kind of a bleak view!
At last, a stagefield!!
WOC Jim Koch with his primary flight instructor.  Wish I could remember               his name.
We had a great bunch of instructors!  They provided beverages for an end of primary training                  party.
Final primary flight debriefing and grade                     slips.
Our flight commander (l) and one of the civilian              instructors