Photos from Tommy Marshall, Sidekick 17 Pilot, Jun 68 - Jun69
Gordy Henson(l), Barry Keene(c), and Jake Sheeler shooting pool in the Derby Den
Barry Keene(l) & Joe Baggett(r) a day off at DBT
Gordy Henson & Barry Keene in the Derby Den
Gordy, Barry and Tommy Marshall at the Derby Den
 Tommy Marshall (right rear), LT. Ron Knauber (right front w/hat) and I believe that is Chuck Engels with  sunglasses, but not sure.
Berry Keene & Bill Checchin
Bob (BEAR) Harrington
Derby Den Bulletin Board
Fred Harms - Sidekick 3
Jake Sheeler (l), Bob Jorgenson, Joe Baggett, Barry Keene
Jim McAleer (KIA)
Sidekick Mamasan, Tommy Marshall, Gordy Henson
Tommy Marshall assembling 2.75 in. rockets on July 4, 1968
Ray Usher (l), Gordy Henson, Shiller, Barry Keene
Tommy Marshall (lr), Ray Usher (rr), Barry Keene (lf), Gordy Henson (rf)
Maj Jack Gordon and WO1 Tommy Marshall had a rough day in Sidekick 66-15133 on October 1, 1968.
Who says you can't fly inverted?