These photos were provided by TJ Bynum.  He was one of the original unit members and served in Flight Operations until transferring to the Sidekicks as a Section Leader on 10 February, 1968.  
Do not remember these gals names. But I do remember that they had a great attitude. The "Donut Dollies for Dong Ba Thin". Taken in the 92nd Flt Operations at Flanders Field the first of January 1968.
Cpt P.D. Stockton one of the "original" who joined the unit at Fort Carson, CO
WO Ed Shinn on the controls of one of the H models.
Volleyball at Dong Ba Thin
Shaving facilities at Stallion Forward Base Bao Loc. TJ Bynum Stallion 16 getting ready to start the day. Picture taken by one of my pilots WO Mike Palmer, one of the "Dirty Dozen Boys"
Stallion 16 lead with WO Tony Catalano in right seat. Tony flew with me (TJ) alot after I became Stallion 16. WO Dave Inman is standing by the door.
As Stallion 16 leading a flight in TF South my Co-Pilot is WO Tony Catalano on the right. You will notice I have a WWII Carbine slung on my seat arm... Why would I want that when the rest of the army had M16s????
The airfield flight tower at Camp Holloway at Pleiku. We in the 92nd saw a lot of this in 1968....Operation Daniel Boone and Prairie Fire.
Major Miller conversing with pilots of the 92d at Dong Ba Thin.  I can only ID Jim Broderick on the extreme right, I think that is Harry Broussard that Miller is talking to.
Captains  Jones (1st AL PLT) and TJBynum being awarded Purple Hearts in April 1968.
SideKick #741 as she looked in 1968 at Flanders Field.
Sidekick Light Gun Team taking off from Dalat Airfield during their support for the city during Tet68, taken about the 10th of February 1968.
Specialist 5 Madrano, Sidekick Crew Chief.
The "RLO's" (Real Live Officers)  of the SideKicks February 1968. From LtoR: 1Lt P. Jerimiason 1st Flt Sec. Ldr.; CPT J. Scott, III, SideKick 6; CPT V. Meyer, SideKick 5 and CPT TJBynum 2nd Flt Sec Ldr.
SideKick "Coor's Gunship, somewhere in II Corp area. From LtoR Front kneeling Boyd, Sp4 T.Tucker Back Row LtoR: WO Harrington and CPT TJBynum. As I can recall Mr. Harrington was very good with the 40mm cannon. This aircraft when fully loaded was very hard to get off the ground and into flight... our takeoffs were usually very long to get the bird into effective lift... as I recall it would take most of the runway and then once you got the aircraft airborne you had to "nurse it" to get any altitude at all. This bird was called the "Coor's Bird" but deep inside we all knew she was a hawg. For those who may not remember... In the gunships the AC flew right seat which was a little different as to our friends in the "slicks" where the AC flew normally the left seat.
The Goodship Lollypop. WO Tony Catalano in right seat. The AC I cannot remember who.
SideKick Rocket Sight with "Pipper" on target.
View of rockets hitting designated target as seen thru the eyes of a gunship pilot.
TJ was reassigned as 1st Airlift Platoon Leader in August 1968.  He then flew as Stallion 16.
Paul Jeremiassen & TJ Bynum