TET 1968 - JANUARY 31
                       FLANDERS FIELD, DONG BA THIN, RVN
These photos were taken by Paul Sanders, a member of the 10th Combat Aviation Battalion Security Platoon, just a few hours after Viet Cong soldiers had penetrated the airfield security perimeter and tossed satchel charges in these aircraft.  The breakthrough was in the northern portion of the perimeter manned by South Korean guards.  Those guards were replaced the next day.
Stallion hovering into parking area
Slightly damaged Stallion
Closer look at Stallion 499
Stallion 66-16499
This may be Stallion 66-16500
Another angle look at 468
This debris may belong to Stallion 499
Hole in upper transmission case
Stallion 66-16468
Lucky Stallion here
Stallion 499
Closer view Stallion 500
Closer yet
A closer look at 468
Stallion 499 Tail Rotor
A closer look at the bird to the left
Untouched Stallion
Here a few close-ups with Paul in the picture.