I am not much of a story teller , but I do remember a flight that I had with my roommate Paul Tache, I can't remember the crews names. The mission was to fly out to a destroyer (USS Henderson) and drop off some brass that was coordinating naval gunfire.  We lifted off from Na Trang and flew out over the water. I contacted the ship on FM 40.5, their call sign was Lifeblood. We circled a couple times while they prepared for use to land.  I had never landed on a ship before so I didn't have a clue of what to expect.  They asked if I wanted them to get under way?  I told them no, they were fine right there. They cleared us to land. Everything went fine until short-short final when all I could see was water, everywhere. I finally looked out my side and slowly started to put her down, but the deck was moving up and down so I planted the skids,  and the deck hands tied use down. It was harder than landing on P.S.P. in a monsoon on a pinnacle.  There was a high pucker factor on that landing, but we all walked away. The packs got out and we prepared for takeoff. Paul wanted to takeoff, so I said, go ahead. About five minutes out we came up with the idea to ask if we could have lunch on the ship, I called with the request, there was a long pause and than an O.K.  But they had to get the fire crew back before we could land. Paul said it was his turn to land, I agreed but the pucker factor is higher when the pilot is flying, we made it. The Navy guys said their pilots have them moving so the deck is more stable.  Paul and I had lunch with the officers and the crew had lunch with the swabees. The ship had just returned from Hawaii and had fresh stores with ice cream, fresh fruit and great food.   We were given a tour of the ship after a great lunch, and had great story to tell when we returned to Dong Ba Thin. 

Roger Lange
Stallion Pilot

May71 - Jul71
WO Roger Lang (l), Navy Guy (c), Unknown (r)
Navy Destroyer USS Henderson
"Short Final"