These photos come from Terry Smith, Stallion Pilot, Jun69 - Mar70
Stallion 168 after recovery
Terry Smith 1969
Stallion 67-17168
Another view of Stallion 168
Somewhere near steel truss bridge out of Ban Me Thuot
Heavy work for a "Hook"
Another look at 168
Stallion in flight
2 Stallions in flight
Just outside Ban Me Thuot near steel truss bridge
Temple near Phan Rang
BMT East BOQ - 1970
Stallion at Dalat Lake Pad - 1970
Dong Ba Thin 1969
(l) Cpt Sherrard, (c) Cpt Brinkman, (r) Cpt Martin  1969
Filling Sandbags in 1969 at Ban Me Thuot East
This Ban Me Thuot pet needs to be housebroken
Cpt Brinkman at Tuy Hoa 1970
Terry crashed in Stallion 67-17168 on February 20, 1970.