ST. LOUIS, MO
            JULY 29 - AUGUST 2, 2009

WARNING ORDER #1            Posted September 6, 2008


The Vagabonds, under the sponsorship of the 281st AHC, will hold its first
battalion wide reunion in Saint Louis during the period of July 29--August 2, 2009. Hotel arrangements have been made at a great hotel with very competitive rates
and excellent accommodations to include free shuttle service to the airport,
local eateries and the casinos.

The plans call for individual mini-reunions and activities for individual units.

All former members of the units assigned to the 10th BN in Vietnam are invited. We have a commitment from four of the former BN Commanders to attend and are looking for the CSMs. However, if you were a mail clerk, cook, door gunner, crew chief, mechanic, platoon leader, aviator or filled any other position in any of the 10th Battalion units, this is your reunion!

WARNING ORDER #2             Posted September 24, 2008

Contact information for the hotel is as follows:

                                                Crowne Plaza Hotel
                                                   St. Louis Airport
                                             11228 Lone Eagle Drive
                                               Bridgeton, MO 63044

                 Hotel Front Desk:  1-314-291-6700        Hotel FAX:  1-314-77-1205

                The Room Block Code that you need to make reservations is:  AH2

                            ROOM RATES ARE JUST $ 61.00 PER NIGHT!!!

It is best to make your reservations with the hotel directly rather than using the 800 number for Crowne Plaza reservations.  If you have any special needs such as a refrigerator or handicap considerations please tell the hotel when you make your reservation.  If you have any problems making your reservation please contact:  MELINDA HENNEGLER at 1-314-291-6700 

Transportation from the St. Louis Airport is free and if you use the hotel phone in the baggage claim area they will pick you up right outside the door.

                            ♪♪ THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS ♪♪

    Posted December 8, 2008

Recently I have heard several comments about our past reunions in St. Louis and some of the fun places where 281st members have visited. This usually leads into a discussion on, “what are we going to do this year?’ or “do you know any good places to eat?”

So, after much thought and mind searching and scratching I have decided to help everyone get prepared for the next reunion by presenting:


Or, some great things to do at the St. Louis Reunion

#10 – Ted Drews Frozen Custard: When the summer gets hot everyone in St. Louis heads to Ted Drews. Do not let the long line discourage you, it moves very fast, and that gives you time to determine what you want to order, on old Highway Route 66.

#9 – Chesterfield Bottoms: Lots of stores for shopping and two excellent restaurants, The Wild Horse Grill (exquisite) and Annie Gunn’s.

#8 – St. Louis Zoo: Rated #1 zoo in Zagat survey, over 6,600 exotic animals, located in Forest Park.

#7 – Six Flags: All day family fun park which includes Hurricane Harbor Water Park. Located in Eureka, MO. If you are going that way, ask me about a great Bar B Q place which is also in Eureka.

#6 – Pappy’s Smokehouse: Speaking of Bar B Q, Memphis style ribs and Q, has a great lunch special. Close to St. Louis University in Mid Town.

#5 – Kreis Restaurant: Favorite for more than 50 years, Marilyn and I used to go there when we were dating. Also a 281st favorite for their enormous serving of Prime Rib.

#4 – Grant’s Farm: View the homes of President Grant with a tram ride through the wildlife preserve with a stop at the famous Clydesdale breeding farm.

#3 – Carl’s Root Beer Stand: On Manchester Road in Brentwood. One of my high school hangouts, as I graduated from Brentwood High School, just down the road on High School Drive. Cheeseburgers, foot long hot dogs with chili, and ice cold draft root beer.

#2 – Wine Tasting: At Mount Pleasant Winery in Augusta, Mo. Great wine with wonderful outdoor seating with views of the Missouri River Valley. A great time!
***We all should go during the reunion!

#1 – Italian Food: St. Louis has some of the best Italian Food Restaurants in the country. Ask anybody from St. Louis and they will be glad to tell you about one of their favorites. Three of my favorites are: Rigazzi’s, on the Hill. Bon Appetit says they have one of the best pizzas in the U.S. City guide rated it as having the best toasted ravioli in the city. BTW, toasted ravioli is a St. Louis tradition not to be missed. Marilyn and I had one of our first dates here over 35 years ago. Home of the frozen fish bowl of beer. Zia’s, also on the Hill. Always crowded, family place very good. And Joe Boccardi’s, several locations in St. Louis, one in midtown by St. Louis University, one in Columbia, IL. And my favorite in downtown Eureka, where we go at least once every time we are in St. Louis.

Jim “MOM” Torbert
Vice President - 281st AHC Association
What do we get for 120 bucks?  There will be a FREE hospitality suite open
each day with beer, wine, liquor, water, soft drinks and snacks.  It also
includes two dinners and a Champaign breakfast for wives.  We worked pretty
hard to ensure that the money was just going to be used to cover costs.
There are no gifts or memorabilia in it, but it does cover banquet room
costs and things like audio visual equipment, etc.

On Friday, July 31st, there will be a dinner.  Each year the organization
selects a theme that represents popular locations for R&R.  This year the
Theme is R&R in Australia.  This is just a fun event where everyone can
enjoy each other's company.  The menu is going to be Shrimp on the Barbie,
Wildfire Spiced Chicken, and Tasmanian Grilled Salmon.  It's a buffet so
everyone can get what they wish.  Dress is casual.

The wives brunch is on Saturday at 9:00AM.  The 281st has their business
meeting at that time and other attending Units are invited to do so if they
wish.  In addition to the banquet room, there will be two or three other
rooms available if we want to have a 92nd member get-together.

There will be a sit-down banquet at 6:00 PM on Saturday.  The menu will be
prime rib, twice baked potato, veggies, etc.  There will also be a Champaign
toast.  Dress will be business casual, no blue jeans and tennis shoes, but
coat and ties are NOT required.  We know some people will be flying in and
packing dress clothes just adds to the problem.  As you can see on the
registration form, if anyone has any special dietary needs, they can be
accommodated at any of the scheduled meals. 

Other than the golf outing, there are no tours scheduled.  The 281st reunion
has been held in St. Louis at least four times, and they have found that the
best way to work things is to provide a list of things to do and see at
registration, and allow people to select what they want to do.  There are
numerous casinos and shopping malls available plus the usual sight-seeing
things.  The Hotel provides free transportation to and from the airport, as
well as to the Metro station and nearby venues, like casinos.

During the reunion, a PX will be operated.  All kinds of memorabilia will be
available for purchase.  If we want to make any 92nd hats or T-shirts
available, we can probably work that out.
                                             Posted February 8, 2009
                                             Posted March 3, 2009

To the former members of the 10th Combat Aviation Battalion:

The annual reunion will be held in Saint Louis on July 29—August 2, 2009.  This year the 281st AHC will host all of the former members of the other units of the 10th Combat Aviation Battalion in Saint Louis.  We expect a fairly large turnout in that most of these units have never held a unit wide reunion and several of them have expressed interest in attending.  In that regard we strongly suggest  that you get your hotel reservations in early in that the hotel only has 340 rooms.   

The cost for the 2009 reunion has been has been set at $120 per person which includes the hospitality room, Friday night Aussie R & R, and Saturday nights Banquet.   The Room rate remains low at $61.00 Per  night.

The general agenda for the 2009 reunion is as follows:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009.  Set up by the reunion committee.  If you live in the area or want to come a day early please do so as  we need all the help we can get.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009.  Early arrivals and registration. 281st Executive Board meeting in the afternoon.  (3:00 PM)

Thursday, July 30, 2009.   Registration and free day to see Saint Louis.  The reunion committee will havea tour desk open to assist in coordinating sightseeing, casino visits and dinning.  Limited transportation can be arranged. 

Friday, July 31, 2009.  Late registration.  Golf tournament and Friday evening R & R event with a surprise guest.

Saturday, August 1, 2009.  281st Business Meeting, ladies Brunch, Memorial Service and Evening Banquet with Guest Speaker.

Sunday, August 2, 2009.  Check out and farewells to your ole comrades.  Hope everyone had a  good time.

Throughout the reunion there will be time for individual scheduled meetings of the other 10th BN units.

Make your plans early, contact all you friends and bring the family.  

See you in Saint Louis.

Your 2009 Intruder Reunion Committee,

Jim (MOM) Torbert, 281st AHC Reunion Chairman
Gary Stagman & Jack Mayhew 10th BN Contacts
10th CAB Reunion Warning Order # 4

Reservations for the reunion are coming in at a good pace. However, we have not heard from several of the units. So far we have six from the HQ, 14 from the 92nd, five from the 192nd , and one from the 130th Med Det. All of the other units are missing in action. If you know anyone from the 61st AHC, 196th AHC, 155th AHC, 243rd ASHC, C & D Companies of the 227th, 129th AML, or any other unit that might have been attached or assigned to the 10th CAB please send them our contact information and let them know about the reunion. Especially the attached maintenance, medical and signal detachments.

The Registration Form for the reunion has a cut off date for submission of June 1. We will accept registrations up to the date of the reunion and at the reunion registration desk, so come on.

Hotel Front Desk: 1-314-291-6700 | Hotel Fax: 1-314-770-1205
The Room Block Code that you need to make reservations is: AH2

We have found that it is best to make your reservations with the hotel rather than using the 800 number for Crowne Plaza reservations. If you have any special needs such as a refrigerator or handicap considerations please tell the hotel when you make your reservations and you can be assured that they will respond appropriately.  If you have any problems or difficulty making your reservation please contact Melinda Henggeler at 314-291-6700, who is our go-to person at the hotel.

Transportation from the Saint Louis Airport is free and if you will use the hotel phone in the baggage claim area they will pick you up right outside the door.

Please visit the 281st AHC web site for updates which we will post to the site as they unfold.

If you need information for your units or assistance please contact : Gary Stagman at, 618 797-1336 and/or Jack Mayhew at, 410-562-6791.
Posted June 7, 2009

The Reunion Chairman, Jim “Mom” Torbert has announced the final details on the Golf outing, the trip to Montelle Winery, the ladies brunch and the time set aside for individual unit meetings.    If you would like to play in the golf outing or go to the winery please drop him an email at: Jim Torbert []

The annual golf outing will now be on Thursday afternoon on July 30th with tee times beginning at 1:00 pm.  Lee Brewer and Jim Baker will be leading the long hitter's for the 281st.   We will be playing at the Crystal Springs Quarry Golf Club which is very close to the Crowne Plaza and highly recommended by Chef Patrick who plays there often.  It is close enough for the hotel to deliver and  p/u when finished.  We have negotiated a great rate and golf will cost about $40.00 which includes cart.

The tour to the Montelle Winery in Augusta, Missouri will be at 11:30 on Friday.  Anyone interested should again make it known so we can get a count for snacks to go with the tasting.  Wine is at your own costs.  We will try and match up with cars so that we can be as efficient as possible.  The winery is about a 45 minute drive from the hotel.  Mom has personally visited this winery several times and highly recommends it.  It is located on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River with wonderful tables and chairs with plenty of shade.  It may be a little hot in July but there is usually a great breeze on the bluff.

We have set aside Saturday morning for unit meetings and the ladies brunch hosted by the General Manager of the hotel. This is always a fun event for the ladies so be sure to check the schedule when you arrive.