Here are some of the enlisted members of the unit who attended the reunion in Manitou Springs, CO
Front row - l to r - Dennis Renison, Steve Mandel, Ramon Perez, Rich Savage (gray shirt), Tom Tucker, Bob Herndon (handlebar mustache), Richard Balsimo, Harold Stewart, Rich Ingalls (black shirt), Bob Shipp, Roy (Woody) Gilmore

Back row - l to r - Bobby Stewart, Mike Morrissey, Carl Peters, Joe Calaway, Jim Heyn, Brian Mahoney, Don Amundson, Bob Kendrick  
Jim Heyn & his lovely wife
Another look at the guys above
(l to r) Carl Peters, Brian Mahoney, Harold Stewart, Richard Balsimo, Tom Tucker
Jim Heyn & Richard Balsimo
Tom Tucker was the original crew chief for Sidekick 113.  He originated and painted  the "Coors Cans" rocket pods.  On the monday after the reunion he was in Golden, Colorado and was able to meet Pete Coors.  Pete signed a copy of the photo of Sidekick 113.  Here is a photo of Tom and Pete.