Photos by Mike Powell,  Stallion Crew Chief 6/70 - 5/71.  Click image to enlarge photo.
Coming home to Flanders Field
One of the unit's greatest gunners - Dwight (2 Spring) Armstrong
Flying east to Ninh Hoa over Duc My Pass
Mike Powell with some local folks at Song Cau
Song Cau International
1st Plt Crew Chiefs - Can anyone identify faces and names?
Hard Landing in POL
Crew Chiefs Mike Powell (L) & Norm Cessna (R)
LZ north of Khanh Vinh in Khanh Province
Villa near the resort ciy of Dalat in the Central Highlands
Moving the little guys
Photos forwarded to and provided by WO1 Horace Sanchez - Stallion 11 Pilot         5/71 - 12/71
"Old Fart" 24 year old Stallion Crew Chief SP4 Earl Fuller
l to r, WOs Paul Tache, Dan Daughtery, Unknown, Horace Sanchez
WO Roger Lange (l), Dick "Flying Spoon" Luther (r)
Stallion on Deck - WO Lange (l), Navy guy (C), Unknown (r)
"Youngin' " WO Horace Sanchez
LZ USS Henderson in sight
Short final to a very tight LZ
1st Airlift Platoon Stallions - 1971