PHOTO REFLECTIONS                   1967
 "Standing before the mast"!
Walking on the Promenade Deck
Waiting for "shuffleboard"?
Jim Koch in the Warrant Officer BOQ on the USNS General John Pope
1st view of Flander's Field
Just prior to departing San Diego for Vietnam on the USNS General John Pope, 8 "cheap" warrant officers pooled their money to buy a Polaroid Swinger camera.  Jim Koch's pictures still survive after 45 years! 
Our first and long term "foward base camp" at Bao Loc. Photo by Willie Collins
Don Hampton loping his "mule" at Bao Loc 12/18/67
            Random Photos
Lts Bill Graves & Paul Jeremiassen on deck, USNS Pope. Photo by Jim Thompson
Dick Snow, 1st Plt IP at Ft. Carson, CO
                           Provided by Don Amundson - Stallion 504 Crew Chief - Nov67 - Oct68
                                      First 92nd AHC Mess Hall Christmas Dinner Menu - 1967
                                                                  Click for photos from Edwin Long, POL Section
Underside of canvas bunk on board USNS Pope
A closer look!
                                        Photos from Paul Sanders, 10th CAB Security Platoon
2nd Airlift Platoon Door Gunners on arrival at Dong Ba Thin .
Front row L to R, Row 1. Polito (the Wop), Pierson, Bob Kendrick (Buff), Papazsisis (Pappi or Old Man), Sgt? Help,

Row 2. Greg Kotbra, Roger Echlin (Speedy), Gary Daniels,

Row 3. Greg Kunzler, ??Help, ??Help

Woody Gilmore took            the picture!
                            Photos from Carl Peters, Sidekick 114 Doorgunner  Nov67 - Oct68
Richard Pratt (l), Rob Robinson (2) aboard the USNS Pope. Photo by Rob Robinson
Richad Pratt (L) Sidekick DG*
           *KIA 12/07/67
  Warren "Rob" Robinson (R) 
              Stallion CC