These photos were provided by Mike Fleming who served as a Stallion Section Leader in the 1st Airlift Platoon from February 1968 until February 1969.
C-141 on T/O from Cam Rahn Bay
C-130 landing Cam Rahn Bay
Stallions in Flanders Field revetments
1st Airlift Stallion on the go!
NW perimiter of Flanders Field
Dong Ba Thin & Flanders Field
Not sure
2nd Plt Stallion 463 on standby
Flying Left Wing
Flying Trail
Low level north, west of Nha Trang
Continuing north towards Budda
The east side of Budda
Further north of Nha Trang
Light House
Big Guns - 155mm Howitzers
On August 23, 1968, Mike and his crew were downed by AK-47 fire while searching for Sidekick 119 which had been shot down the day before.  Here are some photos of Stallion 66-16676.               War Story
A little ironing might help.
Who pulled the door jettison handle?
A hell of a place to plant a tree!
Exit wounds
Entry wound
So much for canvas seats
View in the LZ
Last round prep in single ship LZ - "Willie Pete"
More view from the LZ
Pinnacle single ship LZ
On final approach
Short final
Phan Rang MACV Pad
Watching the lift-off
Mission to an island.
Trail formation to island ahead
A lot of water below!
LZ in sight
We can make land now
Plenty of room for all
What do we do now?