Joe standing tall in front of Stallion 460
WO Nick Galloway
Kennie McVey giving Joe the "high sign"
Joe and his campanion "Gook".
Joe, watch out for that monkey!
Joe's dad after a test flight.
Joe's dad with "Gook"
Joe on the left, his dad in the middle, Captain of the SS Glory of the Sea on the right.
DG (l), Cpt Larry Faurot (c), Joe (r)
Joe in a "dark" moment
Joe Calaway was a Stallion Crew Chief in 1968 -69.  These are his photos.
Joe's dad came to visit him at Dong Ba Thin for Christmas 1968.  Read about it below.
Joe and Ken Devore were best friends.  When Ken was killed December 24, 1968 it was not only a great loss to all members of the unit, but in particular a very personal loss to Joe.  He has provided the following in rememberance of his friend.
Barbara Hoke, Ken Devore's younger sister
      My Shadow On My Brother's Grave        My shadow is finally upon your gravesite......
"But", Sunshine has come over me on this day.......So, I Prayed!  Kenny!  Brother of Arms.......Brother of Ours.......You finally reached the stars.  I find this day is the time........To set myself "Free"........From the prison of my mind.  I know you are finally "Free"........And soon I'll be.........But not till we see!  Why we are "Free With Life"? And Let It Be!!  So!.......this isn't good-bye!  It's my first "Hello"........To say: "Thank-You!" for my Freedom!.......Down Below!  For you are the stars in our eyes.......When we finish our cry!

Joe Calaway
Barbara Hoke
Ken Devore's youngest sister.