Many times when writing about a unit's history, we tend to emphasize the aircrews.  Just as important are the numerous personnel in the trenches who ensure the viability of the unit. The following groups are to be commended for their outstanding contributions.  Below are just some of their duties that made the 92nd AHC function.

Company Headquarters  -  clerks maintained personnel records, verified payroll, processed in-coming and out-going mail, scheduled R&R's, submitted award requests, in-processed new personnel, out-processed departing personnel.

Supply Section  -  clerks requisitioned, stored, and issued all unit equipment and personal supplies except for aircraft, vehicles, and their repair parts.  They also insured that all personal clothing and equipment was maintained in a serviceable condition.  An armorer provided support for the issuance, maintenance, and repair of individual and crew-served weapons except aircraft weapons systems.

Motor Pool  -   mechanics inspected, ordered repair parts, repaired, serviced, and maintained all ground vehicles, generators, and additional ground equipment.  They also maintained the historical records of the vehicles and equipment and insured that all vehicles were properly dispatched to the users and accounted for.

Food Service Section  -  cooks operated and maintained a unit mess hall at Dong Ba Thin and a field mess at forward base camps such as Bao Loc.  They provided good nutritional meals and made sure that food was available for crews returning from late missions.

Aircraft Maintenance Platoon  -  technical inspectors, specialized mechanics, and maintenance test pilots inspected, repaired, ordered & maintained repair parts, provided upper level services, and maintained historical record for all assigned aircraft.  They also provided a team to evaluate, repair, and  prepare downed aircraft for recovery.  The majority of these men worked the night shift to ensure that the required number of aircraft  were available for the next day's missions.

Avionics and Communications Section  -  Radio & avionic specialists serviced and repaired aircraft radios and flight instruments.  Radios were essential to combat operations and flight instruments were necessary for operations in adverse weather conditions.
Refueling Section  -  fueling specialists ensured a continuous supply of uncontaminated fuel and lubricants for all aircraft, vehicles, and ground power equipment.  They established and maintained refueling points as needed.  They also refueled aircraft, if required.

Flight Operations Section  -  personnel received prioritized missions from higher headquarters and then assigned them to the flight platoons.  They provided limited aircraft flight following services and maintained flight records for all aircrew members.

In addition to their regular job duties, the vast majority of these individuals performed additional duties.  Some examples are:  guard duty, policing & cleaning of both the company area & airfield, and water hauling for the shower systems.  

For a unit to succeed, a total team effort was required.  The 92nd AHC was a successful unit, thanks to the devotion and unselfish service of the many enlisted men assigned to it! 



Stallion 505