Aircraft of the 92nd AHC and their DispositionMarch 8, 2008

92nd Aviation Company (Assault Helicopter) APO 96377,  (UIC Code  WAX6AA)
10th Combat Aviation Battalion, 17th Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade,
RVN 1967-1971


Model   NumberDateDisposition
UH-1H   66-0106205-01-94GSA Transfer – Lee County, FL Mosquito control
UH-1H   66-1631502-01-73Unknown
UH-1H   66-1632301-01-68Unknown
UH-1H   66-1646005-01-95FMS - Chile
UH-1H   66-1646106-01-69Combat Loss 6-4-69
UH-1H   66-1646205-01-70Unknown
UH-1H   66-16463Republic of Korea Army
UH-1H   66-1646507-01-70Combat Loss 4-12-70
UH-1H   66-1646608-01-92Target – Smokey Hill
UH-1H   66-16467Royal Thai Army
UH-1H   66-1646801-01-68Combat Loss 1-31-68
UH-1H   66-1649911-01-68Combat Loss 1-31-68
UH-1H   66-1650003-01-68Combat Loss 1-31-68
UH-1H   66-1650108-26-96FMS - Uruguay
UH-1H   66-1650208-01-68Combat Loss  7-9-68
UH-1H   66-16503No Record
UH-1H   66-16504Combat Loss 10-27-68
UH-1H   66-165057-68 trf to 155th AHC - Combat Loss   8-29-68
UH-1H   66-1650604-01-95FMS - Bolivia
UH-1H   66-1650707-01-69Unknown
UH-1H   66-1667609-01-68Combat Loss 8-26-68
UH-1H   66-1682604-01-96FMS - Mexico
UH-1H   66-17097No Record
UH-1H   66-1710408-26-96FMS - Bosnia
UH-1H   66-1713003-12-96DRMO - Davenport
UH-1H   67-17166No Record
UH-1H   67-17168No Record
UH-1D   64-1377105-01-92DRMO – Ft Rucker
UH-1H   66-1638010-01-76Unknown
UH-1H   67-17460Combat Loss 12-24-68
UH-1H   67-1733807-30-02TACOM Title 10 Barnwell, SC
UH-1H   66-1637904-01-96FMS Mexico
UH-1H   66-16820No Record
UH-1D   64-1385308-01-68Unknown
UH-1H   67-17714No Record
UH-1H   67-17723No Record
UH-1H   66-1615210-01-69Combat Loss 9-8-69
UH-1H   67-1953707-01-94Transferred to Wright Patterson
UH-1H   68-1522410-03-00DRMO
UH-1H   66-17050No Record
UH-1H   68-1530702-17-95Center of Military History/Exported - Philippines
UH-1H   68-15326No Record
UH-1H   68-15363No Record
UH-1H   68-1539408-01-70Combat Loss 7-22-70
UH-1H   68-1541109-15-03Target – Ft Rucker
UH-1H   68-1541206-01-70Combat Loss 5-6-70
UH-1H   66-1624305-15-94DRMO – Ft Carson
UH-1H   65-0961908-17-95Unknown
UH-1H   68-17714No Record
UH-1H   68-15730Royal Thai Army
UH-1H   66-16953No Record
UH-1H   68-1607203-01-94Unknown
UH-1H   65-0997308-09-95Unknown
UH-1H   66-16978No Record
UH-1H   68-1611503-06-95Exported - Honduras
UH-1H   68-1612006-01-70Combat Loss 5-8-70
UH-1H   68-1623804-01-71Unknown
UH-1H   68-1624604-01-70Combat Loss 3-14-70
UH-1H   66-01077No Record
UH-1H   67-1726906-01-70Combat Loss 1-21-70
UH-1H   68-16343No Record
UH-1H   68-16381Royal Thai Army
UH-1H   68-16412No Record
UH-1H   68-1648808-01-70Unknown
UH-1H   68-1650905-01-70Combat Loss 3-7-70
UH-1H   66-1627602-01-70Unknown
UH-1H   66-1681002-17-95Center of Military History
UH-1H   68-16584No Record
UH-1H   66-1692009-01-95Unknown
UH-1H   68-1529703-06-95Unknown
UH-1H   69-1504509-12-95DRMO – Korea
UH-1H   69-15048No Record
UH-1H   66-1703801-01-83Unknown
UH-1H   67-1754705-14-96DRMO – Ft Hood
UH-1H   67-1774812-01-72Unknown
UH-1H   64-1384712-01-72Unknown
UH-1H   65-59973No Record
UH-1H   66-16608No Record
UH-1H   66-1684002-01-72Unknown
UH-1H   68-1575409-01-94GSA
UH-1H   69-15618No Record
UH-1H   68-15321Combat Loss 0-0-71
UH-1H   69-1563603-19-02FMS
UH-1H   69-15639No Record
UH-1H   66-00923No Record
UH-1H   66-1708306-01-71Combat Loss 4-25-71
UH-1H   68-1658207-01-71Unknown
UH-1H   66-16395No Record
UH-1H   68-15301Exported - Uruguay
UH-1H   68-15652No Record
UH-1H   68-1619702-27-96City of Canton Texas
UH-1H   66-1602807-01-71Combat Loss 7-19-71
UH-1H   68-15686No Record
UH-1H   68-1622708-01-73Unknown
UH-1H   68-16334No Record
UH-1H   68-1634803-06-95Unknown
UH-1H   69-15280No Record
UH-1H   70-15752No Record
UH-1H   70-15759No Record
UH-1H   66-16761No DateDRMO
UH-1H   69-1535006-19-00Unknown
UH-1H   68-1568805-01-91Crashed in Saudi while deployed
UH-1H   65-0966908-01-73Unknown


UH-1C   66-15113Combat Loss 10-1-68
UH-1C   66-15114Combat Loss 3-23-69
UH-1C   66-1511508-01-70Unknown
UH-1C   66-1511605-30-02Target - Yuma
UH-1C   66-1511712-01-67Combat Loss
UH-1C   66-1511810-01-89Target
UH-1C   66-1511903-07-68Combat Loss 8-22-68
UH-1C   66-1512005-01-69Combat Loss 8-29-68
UH-1C   66-15144No Record
UH-1C   66-1500303-15-99DRMO – White Sands Missile Range
UH-1C   66-1513310-01-68Combat Loss
UH-1C   65-12741Ft. Stewart, GA Museum
UH-1C   66-1504606-01-90Target
UH-1C   65-0955307-01-70Unknown
UH-1C   64-14175No Record
UH-1C   64-09418No Record
UH-1C   66-0067901-01-92Target
UH-1C   66-1520108-01-70Combat Loss 8-9-70
UH-1M  65-0955609-15-93Target
UH-1M  64-1415405-30-02Target - Yuma
UH-1C   66-15106No Record
UH-1C   66-15131No Record
UH-1M   66-0073312-01-01Target
UH-1M   65-0942001-01-92Drone – Holloman AFB
UH-1M   65-0943510-01-91Empire Museum
UH-1M   65-0947205-01-93Museum of Forgotten Warrior
UH-1M   66-1508405-01-92Unknown

Red - Confirmed by Bell Helicopter
Blue - Still flying in US, confirmed by FAA
Black – Confirmed by AASMC or VHPA

 US Army Gold Book and VHPA
 US Army Aviation and Missile Command
 Bell Helicopter Inc
 U.S. Military Aircraft Serial Numbers
( Joeseph F. Baugher's database )
 Federal Aviation Administration
 92nd AHC Website

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