The man, himself
Lt Jeremiassen, Lt. Heitman, WO Pasquarello
Hootch maids checking out pinups
Lt J chasing a little pussy!
3 Amigos, prepared for Prarie Fire operations, Cpt Graves, Lt Jeremiassen, ?,
What's that Cpt doing with all those field grades?  Cpt Graves, Maj Gordon, Maj Miller, Maj Wappes, Maj ? (behind)
PF Compound near Bao Loc?
Vietnamese boy near Nha Trang
Recondo School - Nha Trang
A close call for Bill
A good reason to wear "chicken plate"
Dong Ba Thin
Dong Ba Thin - Bayside
Lt Jeremiassen after a hard day in flt ops
Dong Ba Thin
Stallion Crewchief & Gunner hard at work
A couple of fine looking WO's!  Jim Ozbun (l), Bill Robie (r)
Maj Miller, Cpt Jones, Maj Gordon, Maj Wappes
Murph the surf and ?
Cpt Jones & Lt Jeremiassen
Lt Jeremiassen & Cpt Graves
Hootch maids checking out a well dressed aviator!!
ROK guard at sunset
Lt Jeremiassen, ?, Lt Broussard in flt ops
Maj Gordon, Maj Miller, SSG Norman Wills
Officer hootches - Dong Ba Thin
These photos are from Bill Graves who served as a Section Leader and 1st Airlift Platoon Leader.  11/67 - 8/68
These photos show some of the damage caused by numerous AK-47 rounds.  Lt. George Montgomery was wounded in his chest.  He was not wearing his "chicken plate".  The rest of the crew was uninjured.