Photos from Jerry Eastburg * 2nd Platoon Stallion Doorgunner * 11/67 - 10/68                          
Rick Leal & his tough "soles"
Jerry on a "day off"
What a way to live!
Warren Robinson on the beach
Another beautiful view of Dalat
Wonder if there is a pot of gold at the end?
Cam Rahn Bay?
Vietnamese Military Academy
Vietnamese Fishing Village
2nd Platoon Stallions in Echelon Right
A bird's eye view of a Maguire Rig extraction.
A gaggle of Navy P2V Neptunes
OV-1 Mohawk on PSP runway
Rapids & waterfalls near Bao Loc?
Kaman Huskey
2nd Platoon "Stallions" Enlisted Hootch
Hwy 1 in downtown Tuy Hoa?
Not sure, may be Cam Rahn Village
Nha Trang Air Base - 281st AHC in lower left corner
More Dalat
Some guys you never forget
LRRP Team at Bao Loc
Nothing like a cold Hamm's
Bobby Stewart making sure the tail rotor gearbox is still attached!
Rick Walters on his way to work.
The Army's "workhorse"
A fortified village
Civilian side of airfield with C-46's & Air America helicopter
West perimeter of Flanders Field
Sunset in the "Nam"
One of many fire bases
Nha Trang Airfield looking north
Downtown Dalat
A river runs through it
Another C-130
Stallion 499 before Tet68
Not sure?
Our big cousin
More Dalat