Elwood Funk was an original member of the 92nd AHC.  He served as one of the unit's outstanding wheel vehicle mechanics from Nov 67 to Oct 68.  Here are some of his photos. 
Enlisted Men of the 92nd AHC 1967-68
Ntice the bumper markings from Ft. Carson, 5th Army
On May 24, 1968 the unit was sent to Plieku to support the 4th Infantry Division.   The following photos were take during the unit's convoy movement from Dong Ba Thin to Pleiku and back.
Heading north up Hwy 1
We're off to Plieku!
A river to cross
Heading west on Hwy 19
Obviously we have reached the highlands. Red dirt!
A Montangard Village
Another Montangard village
Our temporary home in Plieku - The new Christmas Tree area
Glad to have some help to move new sandbags & drums
A river crossing on the way home in June 1968