The following photos were taken by a member of the 92nd AHC during his return trip to Vietnam in 1998.  All but one were taken in Dalat.
And you thought the old stuff was worthless. 17K to 1!
Camly is now used only by Party Officials
Part of Camly's asphalt runway
Fairly new Russian hotel next to the Modern Hotel
Novatel Hotel on the westside near the radio tower
Taken from the steps next to the Modern Motel
What we knew as the Modern Motel
What we knew as Macys, in the center
What we used to know as Macys
Another shot of Macys
Dalat Lake, drained for 20 feet deepening
Spillway work at northwest end of lake
Looking at the lake from the old Provincial Governor's Mansion
The Lake Helipad used to be on the other side of the center building
The lake helipad was behind the small round tree in the center
The radio tower on the westside of Dalat
The Pipeline, with only one functional pipe from the reservoir
In case you're looking for a HO!
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