Angie was born in Frankfurt, Germany to her loving parents Jim & Cindy Koch.  She was a beautiful, healthy, energetic, and happy baby.  She brought great joy to everyone she was around.  At 15 months she came to the U.S. with her parents to live in their hometown, St. Joseph, Missouri.  Angie had a typical early childhood and continued to grow and prosper.  On May 5, 1973 her brother, Jeff, was born and she was thrilled to have a new friend in the house.  As the years passed she attended Elementary School and engaged in the the activities that most young children do.  She was extremely happy and a friend to all.  In 1982 her family moved to Warrensburg, Missouri where she attended Middle School and High School.  She graduated in 1988 and then enrolled for classes at Central Missouri State University.  She was a member of a religious youth group and aspired to work with children.  She was so loving and caring and never treated anyone badly.  Angie particularly wanted to help those who were less fortunate.  In 1989, her life was tragically ended by a drunk driver.  A void was opened which can never be filled.  Those who knew and loved her were shocked by her death and further stunned by the injustice that followed.

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October 7, 1970 - October 2, 1989
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